Balvanz Enterprises

Q. My camera weighs more then 2.25pounds, will it still work?

A. The MiniDV Stabilizer comes with enough counter-weights to support 2.25pounds.  With our new 3" extension kit you can use cameras up to 3.5 pounds.

Q. Does the gimbal move up and down along the center shaft?

The MiniDV Stabilizer's gimbal is set in a fixed vertical position to reduce cost, but still offers the same 3-axis support you get with the high end Steadycam's.

Q. How much movement does the camera mounting plate have?

The camera mounting plate has 7/8" front to back travel and 1-1/8" side to side travel. If additional travel is needed to balance your camera, check out our Universal Off-Set Plate.

Q. Can you make an iPhone version?

A. At the present time we do not have the manufacturing capacity to handle another unit. Instead we highly recommend looking at the NEW STEADICAM® Smoothee.
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